Whilst I am not providing captions for this month's pictures (most are self-explanatory) I will say that i am leading off with a picky of Hamish Scott. These days he is fairly busy at work and his appearances at Indoor are getting to be quite rare. So it was with much pleasure and excitement that he, once again, entertained us with his brilliant heli flying.


Do you know, dear readers, age, and I am speaking of senior years, make it a little difficult to follow Hamish's model movement as they are  so rapid and precise. Thank you once again Hamish. It was pleasing to see that you also had time to speak to a couple of our recent flying visitors to ETSA.

The boys of "Crack Corner" being J.J., Michael Holmes, John Roxborough and Chappie were up to their usual tricks, demonstrating their enormous ability yet again, with the specialty on this evening having emphasis placed on climbing their models up the walls, passing through the rafters and doing tail stands, sometimes even three in a row or separately.  May their interests never wane for they entertain us all.


Michael exhibited, with other models, the latest in "hand-launch" models with a small but most likely quite strong model from Horizon. I think visitors to t he Air Races at Constellation Field this month could quite likely see this model in action.


He also brought the latest drone - the Glimpse from Blade. Although it did not breath life outside the box, it was easy to see the neat fuselage, new camera and transmitter which all came together in the neat packaging.

Blade Glimpse

The amount of personal enjoyment on "Big Jim's" face is evident as, once again he exhibits his flying skills, particularly with Helicopter. Well done Jim.


I must ask Hamish what the insignia on his top represents. NRTHLXNE.  "Not ready to have love and kisses - maybe next Easter."  OK t'was just a try.

Maybe I shall tell you all next month.

This is all you are getting from me this month. If you want more flying, then I suggest to take the trip up to the Constellation Field for the Sensational Air Races shortly. There is interest and excitement abound in two or three days spent up there.

In the meantime, we fly on the 16th April at ETSA Park from 7.30 so please do come and join us.....La Fenice.