Well folks, as Mike is in USA until early October, I cannot see how anyone can get to Ben our Webmaster before that time so I shall just give you a somewhat stinted report on our August Indoor Meeting. As most of you would have gathered by now, we do have a special corner at the Netball Stadium that I prefer to call "The Fun Corner" named  in that manner because the usual quartet who fly there seem to enjoy themselves - well - perhaps a little more than others but usually at the expense of their models.  They have not filled their quota over the last two months and, in fact, John Oxby was the lone flier from that spot.  I am only including two pix with this month's story and they are both of  Fun Corner John. The first finds him looking somewhat forlorn  as he watches  the distant Entry door for the arrival of the rest of his troupe, all to no avail as they fail to appear. Beside J.O. are his 3 "Cracks." One is a super lightweight model beside his rather standard looking "Crack" and the 3rd is the heaviest one of the three and one that he has built, well, more for outdoor flying. To my limited knowledge, I can only say that the differences are all in the gauge of the foam. Anyway,  that will do for  now.

The absent members of that group are their Commanding Officer, Mike Holmes, the formation leader, J.J. - their technical adviser, Matthew Chapple and the aforementioned John Oxby - the skill of each one of them ranks them all in the upper echelon of aerobatic fliers. When they are all in attendance, they thrill us enormously - when any one of them is absent he is missed.

We had 12 fliers in total this month and about 75% of them would have been newcomers to our indoor sport. They were enjoying themselves with  micro models, like The Cub or a Corsair and ofcourse lots and lots of the micro quads that have become so very popular over the last year or so. One of them keeping most of us busy, searching for it when it disappeared from the pilot's field of vision. It was found on the floor of the neighboring Court 3. Undamaged.

You have read in the past where a number of cracks have appeared near or on some of the fliers'  bodies and my final pix this month is of the quite large cracks that suddenly appeared on John Oxby's chin. I was able to quickly free John of this dilemma and his flying resumed.

In closing this episode from 'The Phoenix" dear friends, I would just remind you all that in this month of September we will stray slightly from our usual  flying times of the rest of the year and fly from 8p.m. to 10p.m. and as I have not been advised of any change of Court  allocation, we will all just have to wait and see. It will still cost you $10 to fly. but, please join us as a spectator which is at no cost to you. Your welcome will be profound.

The Phoenix.