ParkZone T-28 Trojan and Mini Vapor at Indoor Flying
It was another fun night of indoor flying on Thursday.  A crowd of pilots and spectators gathered to enjoy a variety of RC planes as they took to the air inside ETSA Stadium.  Some of the models on display included the ParkZone T-28 Trojan.  This brilliant scale plane's flight characteristics were just as good as its apperance.  Its smooth takeoffs and landings were matched by its graceful performance in the air.  As you can see in the video footage we captured on the night, the Trojan maneouvers easily, making it a great choice for intermediate-level pilots.  Please note, though, that the video below shows the Ultra Micro version of the Trojan.  Unfortunately, this version is no longer available, but Modelflight still stocks the larger BNF Trojan. In this video, you would have also seen a demo of the ParkZone Mini Vapor.  This is the quintessential indoor RC plane.  Even if you cannot make it to ETSA Stadium, you can still fly this plane inside the comfort of your own home.  This 3-channel plane is made from a composite plastic/carbon fibre wing structure, making it extremely lightweight.  With its 1S brushed coreless motor, it is a very slow flyer that can be easily maneuvered around household objects.  Obviously, we didn't have to worry about such obstacles at ETSA Stadium, but if you are looking for a fun RC plane to fly inside, definitely check this out.  For your information, we made an unboxing and review video for the ParkZone Mini Vapor.  This is also available on Modelflight's YouTube channel.

Modelflight will continue to report on future indoor flying events (not to mention all the other outdoor events) through this blog.  Make sure you stay tuned to read more of the latest news in the world of RC.