Parkzone Mosquito Mk VI Preview

Constructed almost entirely of plywood and powered by twin Merlin V12s, the DeHavilland Mosquito Mk VI was incredibly fast and maneuverable for a plane of its size. This speed and maneuverability combined with its relatively long range earned it a variety of combat roles during World War II that included everything from low-level reconnaissance to anti-shipping and night fighter missions. We meet with Matt Andren, the Product Developer on the Mossy to see what has come to life in this new Ultra Micro model. Matt addresses some of the hurdles they had to overcome in order to bring this twin warbird legend to life. Scale details include the twin counter rotating motors, authentic camouflage paint scheme, molded clear plastic canopy, removable landing gear with steerable tail wheel, hidden battery compartment and even dummy cannons. The 4-channel control with elevator, throttle, rudder and aileron provide full control for precise flying and maneuverability. So take a look and get ready to order yours today.