October Indoor a “Balls-Up” (Table Tennis Balls, that is)
A disappointing night was ahead for all those dedicated indoor fliers who turned up for our October Indoor meeting for the air was filled with, rather than model aeroplanes – balls! Yes, ETSA Park was hosting a round of the Masters Games Table Tennis Championships and, as far as the eye could see, every square inch of the floor space was occupied by a table tennis table. Many of our regulars arrived expecting to fly, only to be turned away at the door. It was disappointing for Mike and The Phoenix because these activities have been proceeding for a couple of weeks, or more and, even though we had pre-booked the stadium for the third Thursday of each month, throughout the year, no one at ETSA had seen fit to advise us of the cancellation. Peter, from Naracoorte had been in Model Flight’s retail shop at 130 Goodwood Road and, hearing of the indoor meet that night, had delayed his return home to join us. He was one of many who were turned away. We have always maintained that the Indoor Movement is the “poor cousin” when speaking of booking contracts with ETSA Park and that Netball S.A. always has first option and we religiously respect that but, THIS WAS NOT NETBALL! Even though we are a comparatively small group of people who are involved in our indoor flying sport, we were treated in a fairly callous manner in not being advised of the cancellation. Mike and I apologise to all those who came along on this unfortunate night and we can only hope that there is not a repeat performance. Hang in there dear friends – sincerely – “The Phoenix.”