Losi TEN-SCTE RC Truck Preview
We’ve been big fans of the TEN-T since we first saw it and have always thought that platform could be adapted to so many other vehicles. The first variant was the 810, a 1/8-scale buggy version of the TEN-T chassis. The latest edition to the TEN-family is perhaps the most exciting. Capitalizing on the popularity of the 4WD Short Course Class, Losi has taken this versatile platform and retrofitted it for use in this class with the debut of the TEN-SCTE.  The TEN-SCT Rolling Chassis RC Truck is unlike anything you've ever seen. Combining what was great about the TEN-T and 810 with some Short Course Truck magic, the TEN-SCTE Electric Short Course Truck promises to be one of the dominate chassis in this class. Losi’s Ryan Dunford was key in developing, first the 810, and now theTEN-SCTE. Ryan was kind enough to spend some time with us recently to talk about how the TEN-SCTE came into being, some of the design challenges, what this truck does so well and some options that are out there for this truck along with the 810 and the TEN-T. We’re sure you’re going to be just as excited as we are for the TEN-SCTE.