First-Person View (FPV) technology significantly developed in the remote control world. RC FPV is becoming more commonplace as new products are released, ranging from drones to model planes. In this blog post, we will be covering some of the recent RC models with FPV cameras, beginning with one of the original pioneers.

E-Flite FPV Vapor

E-Flite FPV Vapor - 135

The release of the FPV Vapor was a game-changer for RC planes. Now you had the opportunity to view your flight in real-time from the perspective of the cockpit. Even after all these months, the Vapor still remains popular. It is so easy to fly this plane, both indoors and outside and the ready-to-fly version comes with everything you need, including an FPV headset from Fat Shark. If you would prefer, there is also a BNF version of this plane, which still includes the Fat Shark goggles. Lightweight, nimble and simple to set up, the Vapor is an excellent choice for beginner pilots.

E-Flite UMX FPV Radian

E-Flite UMX FPV Radian - 135

If you are more of a gliding fan, you cannot go past the FPV Radian, also from E-Flite. You may be familiar with the Radian range; a reputable series of RC gliders that are known for their durability and reliability. Although, this is the first time a Radian has been equipped with FPV technology. It comes with the Spektrum VA1100 ultra micro camera pre-installed (the same camera used in the Vapor), which is compatible with any Fat Shark 5.8GHz headset. You will be able to view all your soaring success as you fly across the sky. The FPV Radian is a gliding experience like no other.

Blade Nano QX FPV


Moving on now to one of our quadcopter FPV systems, the Blade Nano QX FPV. The original Nano QX was an outstanding drone that was equipped with SAFE Technology to make flying much smoother. The same technology can be seen in this version. This is a great asset for first-person viewing. The steadiness of the Nano will allow you to enjoy the immersive experience that comes from FPV. You will be able to enjoy the ride knowing that the drone is quite stable in the air.

Blade Glimpse

Blade Glimpse - 135

Another fantastic FPV drone from Blade, the Glimpse is a great choice for children and familes. Just like the Nano QX, it comes fully-assembled with SAFE technology. The great thing about the Glimpse is that it has a 5.8GHz video downlink built into its camera. This enables you to view the flight footage in real-time on a compatible iOS or Android device, through the Blade Glimpse app (available to download for free). Thanks to the Glimpse's Team View function, multiple devices can watch the same footage simultaneously. The Glimpse definitely combines FPV and FUN!

Blade Mach 25

BLH8980_Small V2

If you have more adrenalin running through your veins, perhaps a spot of drone racing will give you the kick you need? The emerging sport is worth checking out and the Blade Mach 25 is designed for this competitive purpose. Like the aforementioned drones, it comes with SAFE Technology. The key difference is that the Mach 25 is equipped with 2300Kv brushless outrunner motors. This is some serious drone  power. Combined with its carbon fibre frame, you can depend on the Mach 25 to perform when you are racing through a forest, underground car park or any sporting arena.

Yuneec Q500+


Now we start to look at some of our aerial photography and filming platforms that also offer FPV technology. The Q500+ is an outstanding drone from Yuneec which comes equipped with the CGO2+ camera. This camera also offers a 5.8GHz video downlink not only to your iOS or Android device, but also to the included transmitter! The Q500+ comes with the ST10+ radio, which features a 5.5" touchscreen, where you can view your aerial footage in real-time. This video downlink is available within a range of 600m and at a download speed of up to 30mbps.

Blade Chroma

Blade Chroma - 135

The final Blade FPV drone we wanted to discuss is also one of their most recent releases. The Chroma comes with a CGO3 4K camera. allowing you to capture amazing footage and photos in the air. Similar to the Q500+, the CGO3 can steam live footage to iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, the Chroma also comes with the ST10+ transmitter, so you will also benefit from the video downlink directly to its large screen. If you are looking for an FPV drone that can provide the highest quality footage, the Chroma is definitely for you.

Yuneec Q500 4K

Yuneec Q500 4K - 135

The last FPV drone we wanted to talk about is a true masterpiece. The Q500 4K from Yuneec is an outstanding aerial platform, which is also equipped with the 4K CGO3 camera. Similar to the Chroma, you will be able to enjoy first-person view from your iOS device or from the included ST10+. What's more, Yuneec have included their ProAction SteadyGrip with the Q500. This handheld device allows you to operate the CGO3 camera from the ground, while having your smartphone attached in the pre-built holder. Whether you are in the air or on the ground, the Q500 4K will deliver stunning footage.


We hope this blog post has given you a good insight into the range of FPV drones that are available. Whether you are flying around the home, racing or want an aerial photography platform, these quadcopters are great to work with and will really change the way you fly. If you have any questions about the models we have covered, please leave us a comment below. We look forward to helping you experience the thrill that comes from first-person view.