The Phoenix Event Report: Indoor Flying in Adelaide, October 2013
Whilst it was only a handful of eager beavers who played on the highly polished floor under the lights, never-the-less, a good time was had by all and few would complain of the number of flights that they enjoyed. It was a bumper night for Mike O'Reilly for he endured lots of time setting up a couple of new and exciting models at no expense to any other fliers. His efforts were much appreciated. My first pic shows the latest import at Model Flight with the highly attractive UMX SBach 342 3D to give it its full title which is almost larger than the micro model.  

  Like most of the micros being imported into our country  these days it is quite quick but delightfully steady in flight. Well - it was when in Mike's hands and as it was the first of its kind in the country at that time, I don't recall seeing anyone else enjoying its performance.   Next you see a P51 Mustang and, yes, I know it is not in flying configuration 'cos it is still in the box, but that, also is an Ultra Micro and, although I missed snapping it whilst flying, it did and YES it was great to watch also.  

A lot of pilots are enjoying the antics of their Quads these days and they are almost like mosquitoes, real ones because they seem to be entering Adelaide in swarms. My next picture shows the latest - a Blade 350 OX RTF BNF and this ultra-smooth model comes, complete with a "Quick Start Guide."  

  It is not only a smooth looking model with its nicely rounded arms, once Mike spent sufficient time with his head in both the  quick start guide and his latest JR Transmitter, its flying display was just so smooth and steady, that it will not surprise me to see more of them at ETSA Park on the 19th December, when we will again be flying all sorts of models from 8.30p.m. to 10.30p.m.   I could not leave the next two gentlemen out of my photo display for each of their flying histories goes back some years.  

  On the left is Pat Crowe and on his left, one of his two sons, Andrew  and I, personally, was very pleased  to see them after such a long absence. Pat for many years, represented The 'Tiser as one of their top action photographers and followed on from retiring from that  position to flying full-size tugs at Gawler. Model flying is a little like Morse Code - once you have known it, it is difficult to let go - or, if you don’t like Morse code, then replace that with "riding a bicycle." Whatever, Pat and Andrew were bright lights on what had been a rather dimmed night.   The Seyfang family is regularly represented by the Senior member and his son, his  flying mentor and instructor.  

  The progress that his dad has made must surely be very satisfying for Mike. I understand that "dad" spent many hours on his simulator.  For anyone, particularly if you are beginning in this exciting sport and have not polished your skills on a computer controlled Simulator, I do advise you to visit one of the many hobby shops near you. There are many Sim models available and I'm sure that Bradley Merryweather will be only too pleased to poke you in the right direction. Brad  is shop manager at M/F's Goodwood road store which is just a few shops South of the rail crossing.   The last two pix - I just felt like including them. The first one shows some busy fingers in full action and I included the last pix because, mainly of the body language shown by the pilot on the right of the picture. That, surely, is concentration.  


  If you care to come along and spectate at the multi-action-packed flying that will occur once again at ETSA Park Netball Stadium on Railway Terrace at Mile End, you will be most welcome. You only will be asked to pay ten dollars if you join the fliers. If you just wish to relax and watch - IT IS FREE.   Until I see you on the 21st November, The Phoenix bids you goodnight.