Event Review – Indoor Flying in Adelaide, August 2013
It was a great turnout at the August indoor flying session at ETSA Park, South Australia. Pilots and spectactors flocked to see some brilliant RC plane and helicopter demonstrations, in addition to seeing some of the latest releases from Modelflight. It was an impressive line-up. Some of the new models that were on show included the new 350 QX from Blade, the Delta Ray from HobbyZone, the Ultra-Micro Icon A5 from ParkZone, and the UMX Habu from E-Flite. The 350 QX RC quadcopter certainly drew a lot of attention. It's SAFE Technology gave the quad incredible stability in the air. We were able to attach a GoPro camera to the 350 QX and capture some great aerial footage. This footage, among other highlights from indoor flying, can be seen in the video below:  

  As you can see, there was plenty of excitement at indoor flying. RC helicopter ace, Hamish, was on hand to put the Forza 450 through its paces. We have included an action video of this JR helicopter below:  

  Another amazing performance from Hamish! The Forza 450 is a finely-engineered 3D helicopter. If you are interested in experiencing the thrill of the Forza yourself, Modelflight have three options available, including a kits without the electronics, with electronics, and a third kit with electronics and a flybarless unit. On Modelflight's YouTube channel, we have a playlist called RC Helicopter Action Videos with Hamish, where you can watch all of Hamish's exciting heli videos.   At the event, we were able to interview Chuck T. Seeker about the Blade 350 QX and the new Ultra-Micro Icon A5 from ParkZone. The video interview can also be seen on Modelflight's YouTube channel:  

  Thanks to Chuck for talking to us about these new models. August's indoor flying session was certainly an exciting night for all involved. If you would like to read more reports about previous indoor flying sessions (or other RC events), visit the RC Events section of Modellfight's blog. Stay tuned for more!