How-To Replace the HobbyZone Champ's Wing
So you have been enjoying the great flying qualities of the HobbyZone Champ RC Plane and as things sometimes happen, a few objects have come into contact with the model while in flight. Now this is not your fault, I promise you that. Chairs move, tress run into your path, lawn furniture flies around the yard causing obstacles that you must fly around on a moment's notice.
As time goes on you may find the wing on your Champ is just not in the greatest condition it was when you first pulled it out of the box. It may have a few creases or even a small tape repair on it which is probably causing some flight performance to drop. Well we have the fix right here and we show you how. With some double-sided scotch tape, a hobby knife and a new wing you will be back in the air in no time with a fresh new look and feel to your Champ.