How to Bind an Air Radio to an RC plane

In this blog post, we will be covering a frequently asked question at Modelflight - how do I bind my air radio to my RC plane? Recently on Modelflight's YouTube Channel, we added a video that explains this procedure:




As Matt explained, while this video used the Champ RC plane from HobbyZone, the above procedure can be used for ultra-micro models from E-Flite and ParkZone. In summary, the binding procedure is as follows:


  • Ensure the transmitter is switched off
  • Connect the battery to your RC plane. After a few seconds, you should see an LED light flashing on the model. The location of this light varies from model to model
  • Press the bind button on the transmitter. On the Spektrum DX6i, this button is the trainer switch. Again, the location of this button will vary from transmitter to transmitter. Please refer to your transmitter's instruction manual for more details
  • While holding down the bind button, switch the transmitter on. If you are using a computer transmitter like the DX6i, you should see the "Bind" screen appear
  • After approximately 3 seconds, release the bind button. You should see your RC plane's LED light stop flashing and turn solid. This means that the plane has been bound to your transmitter


If you follow the above steps, you should have your radio bound to your receiver. Once again, please let us know if you have any questions about this process.