HobbyZone Delta Ray RC Plane Unboxing and Action Video Released
An exciting new video was uploaded to Modelflight's YouTube channel yesterday. Matt starred in an unboxing and action video featuring the new Delta Ray RC plane from HobbyZone, which you can watch below:  

  As you can see, the Delta Ray is an amazing RC trainer plane for beginners. With its SAFE Technology, you will be able to handle this plane with ease. As you saw in the video, the conditions we were filming in were not ideal, given the strong winds we were contending with. The fact that the Delta Ray was able to maintain its stability in such conditions shows just how effective this innovative technology can be for beginner pilots.   In addition to the above unboxing video, Mike covered the HobbyZone Delta Ray in his recent review video:  

  Modelflight is very excited about the release of the Delta Ray. It will be available soon online and in our store, so make sure you visit our HobbyZone Delta Ray page to find out more. If you would like some more info about this RC plane for beginners, we wrote a Delta Ray blog post which has all the details you need. Modelflight has many more RC demonstrations on our action videos YouTube playlist. You can also watch more of our unboxing and review videos on our Modelflight Reviews playlist. Stay tuned to this blog and our YouTube channel for more exciting news about new RC releases.