Find RC Helicopter Clubs in WA

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Looking for an RC helicopter club in Western Australia? Check out the list of WA clubs below. Some of the organisations are primarily RC helicopter clubs, whereas others are model aircraft clubs that have helicopter pilots as members.

Albany MAC

Flying all sorts of models, Albany MAC was founded in 1980.
Contact: Ian Tomlinson
Phone: 0448-898-794
Address: Allmore Road, Albany

Dardanup Aeromodellers Society

DAMS was established in late 2007 and provide training on weekends.
Contact: Larry Allen
Phone: 0414-517-140
Address: Boyanup Road, Dardanup

Goldfields GAM

Goldfields fly on Sundays from approximately 10am.
Contact: Cliff Altus
Phone: (08) 9093-2496 or (08) 9021-2516
Address: Yarri Road, Kalgoorlie

Kalamunda Aeronautical Model Society

KAMS have a 58 acre flying field about 50km south of Perth.
Contact: Tim Watson
Phone: 0418-904-213
Address: Jackson Road, Oldbury

Perth RC Helicopter Club

The club has helis ranging from scale turbines to 60 and 90 size models.
Contact: Greg Nicholls
Phone: 0419-471-611
Address: Hertha Road Reserve, Stirling

Pilbara Aeromodellers

Pilbara Aeromodellers usually meet on Sundays at 8am.
Contact: Brad Gray
Phone: (08) 9173-4171
Address: McGregor Street, Port Hedland

South West Associated Radio Modellers Society

SWARMS fly a broad range of models and now have upgraded facilities at Elgin Field.
Contact: Brady Goff
Phone: 0448-226-610
Address: Vickery Road, Elgin

WA Model Aircraft Sport Centre

The centre at Whiteman Park allows for the flying of a wide range of models.
Contact: Cameron Roberts
Phone: 0408-200-971
Address: Whiteman Park, Whiteman

WA Radio Modellers

WARMS meet on Tuesdays and weekends and have around 120 members.
Contact: Phil Hayes
Phone: 0438-242-261
Address: Gemma Road, Henderson

WA Radio Soarers

WARS started in 1975 and meet every Sunday at Yokine Reserve.
Contact: Ingo Gerken
Phone: 0414-402-737
Website: Facebook Group