The Extreme 3D Indoor Flyer Now Comes in a New Bind-N-Fly® Basic Version
The UMX™ Extra 300 3D makes the dream of a 3D plane that flies almost anywhere a reality. With a flying weight of barely over an ounce (just 33 grams battery and all), it is slow and light enough to fly extreme 3D maneuvers in spaces no larger than a dining or conference room. Its ingenious laser-cut foam airframe, designed by ETOC champ Seth Arnold, makes it all possible. And this BNF Basic version is ideal for the pilot who already has the required battery and charger and simply wants the plane. It comes completely assembled with a punchy 8.5mm coreless brushed motor and Spektrum™ AR6400L Ultra Micro DSM2 Receiver/ESC installed. Built-in long-throw servos on the AR6400L drive the elevator and rudder while two independent Spektrum AS2000L long-throw ultra micro servos drive the ailerons. The battery and charger are sold separately.
  • Completely built with servos, power system and Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 Receiver installed, but without the battery and charger
  • Small and light enough for experienced pilots to fly almost anywhere indoors
  • Advanced laser-cut flat foam structure and carbon reinforcement results in a lighter structure providing high-performance 3D flight in an indoor space
  • Requires a DSM2/DSMX aircraft transmitter capable of dual rates and exponential, 1S Li-Po battery and charger - Sold Separately