Exciting New ECX RC Cars for Beginners Now Available at Modelflight

We are thrilled to announce that 4 new ECX RC cars have just arrived at Modelflight.  These cars are fantastic for beginners and will make for excellent gifts for your family or friends.  Today, we will be looking at each of them and talk about why we are very excited about their arrival.

The first car is the Boost RC Buggy.  This is one dynamic car!  It comes completely ready-to-run with a Dynamite 20T motor and nylon composite race-friendly chassis.  You will also receive a Dynamite Tazer 15T ESC pre-installed. This ESC is waterproof, so you will not have to worry about the outdoor elements when you take this car for a spin.  It is one competitive vehicle and has the power to take on other cars in its sights.

The second car in the ECX line up is the Circuit Stadium Truck.  This mean machine features waterproof electronics, so you can drive through any weather conditions that come your way.  It gives you maximum fun with minimum set up required.  This RC truck comes with with custom ECX wheels and all-terrain tyres; ideal for tackling the roughest environment.

The third RC car is the Ruckus Monster Truck.  This car is ready to rumble!  It comes with upgraded driveshafts that give you additional reliability even when you are pushing this car to the extreme limits.  It is an obstacle-surmounting machine.

The final car is the ECX Torment Short Course Truck.  This is one of the best-handling beginner RC cars on the market.  It comes with Dynamite SpeedTreads Shootout wheels and tyres to give you the grip you need to tackle the terrain with ease.

As you can see, we are very excited about these new cars.  Stay tuned to this blog and Modelflight's YouTube channel for more new releases in the exciting world of RC.