New Release! E-Flite UMX AS3Xtra RC Plane Announced at Modelflight
If you are a fan of 3D planes, or you are keen to begin 3D flying, we have some great news! E-Flite have just announced the release of their UMX AS3Xtra RC plane. This ultra-micro plane takes 3D flying to a whole new level; coming with multiple AS3X flight modes to help you perform amazing aerobatics such as hovers and knife-edges.   The E-Flite UMX AS3Xtra is constructed from laser-cut flat foam with carbon reinforcement and micro-thin film. This gives you extremely low wing loading, strength and durability. When combined with the AS3X technology, you have the ideal plane for indoor 3D flying. What's more, AS3X technology now offers flight mode flexibility, giving you the ability to choose the level of stability performance you need instantly.   Based on the groundbreaking UMX Extra 300 3D, the AS3Xtra model plane comes with Spektrum 2.3 gram performance linear long-throw servos installed and has optional SFGs which allow you to customise the plane's aerobatic capability. E-Flite have also included a DSM2/DSMX 6-channel ultra micro AS3X receiver. The ESC also comes pre-installed. Because this model comes as a Bind-N-Fly Basic, there are several items you will need to complete it. Firstly, you will require a 4+ channel DSM2/DSMX radio with dual rate options. You will also need a 25C or 45C 1S 3.7V 150mAh LiPo battery and a 1S LiPo charger.   If you always dreamed about flying 3D, this E-Flite RC plane is an excellent choice. With its AS3X technology, you will be start with the simplest loop and eventually move up to the latest extreme aerobatics. Even if already have plenty of 3D experience under your belt, you will find that the small size of the AS3Xtra will allow you to easily perform your finest moves indoors.   This versatile micro plane is coming soon to Modelflight, so visit our page below to be notified about its arrival.   Click here to be notified about the arrival of the E-Flite UMX AS3Xtra.