DJI Mavic   The world leader in drone technology, DJI, are bringing out an exciting new product for those looking for the next big thing in the realm of drone flying - the DJI Mavic! Scheduled for release later this month you will now have the perfect combination of technological excellence, sleek styling, and, a highly capable drone platform to include on your Christmas list. The DJI Mavic is a definite must see for the serious droner, or, those just starting out!

What sets the DJI Mavic Drone apart from the rest

Apart from being a part of the impressive DJI stable of drones, the Mavic craft is designed to fold down to an easily transportable 20cm x 10cm. Easily and unobtrusively stowed away in your backpack to take anywhere. The DJI Mavic has a 4K camera on a 3 axis gimbal as standard so you won’t miss any of those moments when you’re out and about. 4K Camera Mavic The flight time in this compact drone is provided by a rechargeable 3380 mAh LiPo battery and if early indications are anything to go by it is a lot quieter than your average drone. The DJI Mavic also comes with an Android powered controller giving you all the benefits of this widely used platform as a standard feature. The DJI Mavic is also rumoured to have a few features that it’s borrowed from its bigger brother, the DJI Phantom. We’re hearing whispers that you will find 3 ultrasonic and visual sensors along the bottom of the drones body which will provide highly accurate position hold when flying indoors without the need for a GPS connection. Overall we are thinking you’ll have a very stable platform that should also be geared up with DJI’s collision avoidance system if you’re planning to get some action footage in the great outdoors. DJI Mavic remote An emphasis on ease of use and getting into the air quickly are evident given the DJI Mavic comes with a monitor integrated into the radio remote meaning the phone can stay in the pocket. Being able to change the camera settings from the radio rather than having to juggle the phone as well should make the DJI Mavic even more user friendly to the solo flyer. We are also hearing that the remote itself also folds down which, along with the quick release propellers, is going to make the DJI Mavic even easier to set up and pack up as you pursue the perfect shots and footage that these drones give us access to. For the equivalent from Yuneec, you can look at the drone Breeze. DJI Mavic Drone Update 21/09 The popular Vloger Jon Olsson published teasing the carry case for the DJI Mavic. Even if he's not allowed to show the drone, he seemed to be very exited to have it. This video confirms how compact the drone is when folded. Looks like we're not the only one to wait for the official release. DJI Mavic Case Update 22/09 DJI just published a new teaser for the Mavic. This picture definitively confirms that the new drone will have foldable arms which will allow the DJI Mavic to be compact and transportable. We cannot wait to see the final version of this small drone from DJI! Mavic update Update 23/09 A new picture taken from the DJI Mavic has been released on the DJI's Facebook page. We can admire the quality of the shot and the sharpness of the details.  The post mentioned that the new drone won't be just a pretty face, probably referring to the collision avoidance system. The operator is using a transmitter/radio to control the quadcopter and he can see the video feed from his phone/Ipad. It confirms that you won't have to use your phone to control the Mavic like the Breeze from Yuneec. Collision avoidance The new DJI GO Pad app is already supporting the the Mavic. The screenshot below show 2 versions for the new selfie drone: Mavic S and Mavic X. At this stage we cannot determine the difference between the 2 versions. DJI Go Pad App Update 27/09 The DJI Mavic is now released, you can order it here!