Chuck's ParkZone Focke Wulf Review
Following the release of the new ParkZone Focke-Wulf, we were pleased to see that Chuck T. Seeker was able to produce review and demo videos for this new warbird. As always, Modelflight wanted to share Chuck's work on this blog. To begin, we have included a copy of his Parkzone Focke Wulf review video below:  

As you can see in Chuck's video review, there are a lot of great things about the new Parkzone Focke Wulf. The scale detail on this RC plane is superb. The wing has excellent decals and with the optional retracts installed, the Focke-Wulf's scale appeal is increased. As Chuck points out, ParkZone have also gone to great lengths with the fuselage, adding a pilot, cockpit, stickers and guns. A functional fan that turns with the spinner is another innovative feature in the FW 190A-8. Another exciting feature is the inclusion of the new 6-channnel AR610 receiver from Spektrum. This will give you better reception and range when flying the Focke-Wulf. As Chuck demonstrates, assembling this RC plane is very straightforward and can be completed in under an hour.
In Chuck's next video, he captures the maiden flight of the Parkzone Focke Wulf. As you will see in this film clip, it was a magnificent flight:

  After a smooth takeoff, Chuck found the Focke-Wulf to be easy to fly. The plane was very responsive. With the 2200mAh ParkZone battery that Chuck used, the Focke-Wulf was able to power through the skies.   Thanks to Chuck for these excellent videos. We will continue to report on Chuck's work, in addition to bringing you the latest news in the world of RC. Stay tuned for more.