Chuck's Gee Bee Journey
A few weeks back, Chuck decided he could not wait on the arrival of the E-flite Gee Bee R2 any longer, he drove off to OMP, the Australia distributer of all things E-flite, to see the shipment arrive in the warehouse.  He then visited the Modelflight retail shop in Goodwood to pick up his plane. He also didn't neglect to let us see this little baby in action!  Here are his comments and the video of the E-flite Gee Bee in action! "well here is a video i took a few weeks back, been busy so only just got round to editing it. It's the GeeBee having the pants flown off it haha i got Corinne to try and get some close up shots but also some distance shots so you can get an idea of how fast it flies. The birds were there as usual and a couple just have to get in shot haha i nail a real short landing for the ending showing that if you can come in straight and level, judge that speed you can land on a sixpence! Anyway i hope you enjoy this short vid of the Gee Bee, i love this UMX it's a classic" Chuck