Adelaide Indoor Flying Report from the Phoenix - Feb 2013
Well dear readers, this is a somewhat belated article with which I am endeavouring to cover the Indoor Flying Evening at the Netball Australia stadium for the 21st of February. Although it was one of our smallest numbers of fliers on this occasion, it was more because of my getting acquainted with a new computer that it has taken me this long to furnish you with a report and I do tender my apologies. It was, probably, our hottest night at ETSA Park and, although you may not realise, because a large number of our models are ultra-lightweight (such as the "Vapor" and the later addition to its family, the "Mini Vapor") both Horizon models, even a cough in the wrong direction could send them off course, so our request to the Duty Manager for the Air Conditioner to be turned off, makes for a fairly uncomfortable night.

I don’t doubt that the weather situation was the reason for such a small number of people attending this night, it was also one of the few evenings when we had to rely on the Managing Director of Model Flight to pick up the short fall in our rental fees for the night.  That may be the reason for my first picture showing a very lean body to which  we are not  so familiar, proving that it is high time that I took him to lunch, a big lunch.   We have models of all shapes, sizes and designs at our indoor meetings and no, I am not still referring to Michael's latest shape, but here you see one of the "over the  counter" hovercraft making a rare appearance.

It could be the start of something big. Whilst still on the subject of "models" my next picture shows the latest in indoor fashion stakes which I have titled "Fancy Pants."  I think Mike Seyfang’s dad said that they were stolen from his neighbor's line. Speaking of "dad" what magnificent progress he is making with his "Night Vapor."  His flying instructions have been  in the very capable hands of "Fancy Pants"and, between the two, they are making enormous inroads. Well done to both of you.

Ian and Dane are great mates who seem to spend most of the night during small gaps in their flying, sitting on the floor in very close conversation with Ian probably describing his latest "model car racing" and how he wiped the pants off the opposition.

It was a fairly quiet evening and I must admit that I am rambling a bit in this months story but there is something quite large on the, but not from, horizon and there is every chance that we will see one of Australia's leading model builders make a brief appearance at ETSA Park Stadium. His outstanding building qualities are legend, in this State and Country, particularly with his Laser work and the latest model to exit his "shed" will, I believe, be very exciting. Watch this space friends.   Due to circumstances well beyond my control, I shall not be joining you all when we again, at ETSA Park Netball Stadium on Railway Terrace Mile End, come together for  communion on Thursday 21st March so my April edition from The Phoenix will be a bumper affair, when the main feature could well be on "The Master Builder."  Keep well all.