Indeed, after months of anticipation, the 2013 JR Aerotow did come to the Warracknabeal Aerodome and Modelflight was there to capture all the action.  Over 4 jam-packed days, 50 pilots from across Australia experienced some incredible scale soaring performances. There were over 100 scale gliders at the event, ranging from the small E-Flite Ultra Micro ASK-21 to a 7.5 metre-span, 1/2-scale ASW 28.   We were able to capture the below footage from the event. Unfortunately, due to the excessive wind noise at Warracknabeal, we decided to produce the video without sound. Nevertheless, we are sure you will still enjoy the exciting visuals and models we were able to capture.  

  We are also pleased to report that Chuck T. Seeker, was able to capture some footage of his own at the JR Aerotow. In the below video, you can see Mike flying the aforementioned ASW 28. This was the maiden flight for this model glider and, as you can see in the video, it was a very smooth flight.  

  Chuck was also able to put together a video of this ASK 14 during its maiden flight. This model glider won the "Pilot's Choice" Award at the Aerotow, which, given its performance, is no surprise:  

  To finish, we would like to share another video from Chuck. This one features John Copeland's Stemme S10 motor glider. This magnificent model has an 8 metre wingspan and is approximately 1.25 scale. What's most impressive is that John built this entire model from scratch, including the scale retracing propellers. Video footage of this glider can be seen below:  

  Big thanks to the Warracknabeal Aerodome for hosting such a fabulous event and for all the pilots who participated. Modelflight was thrilled to attend this event and it was great to see so many magnificent model gliders. Thank you also to the video production maestro, Chuck T. Seeker for putting together the clips we have shown above.