RC Electronics Raven Airborne GPS Transceiver, Clearance

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The RC Electronics Raven is a GPS equipped transceiver for use in GPS Triangle gliders or other large models. It provides global positioning, altitude, vario, speed and Rx battery data to a ground station or via telemetry to your RC system.



  • Integrated 18Hz GPS receiver with active antenna
  • Supports GLONASS, GPS, BeiDou and Galileo
  • Integrated Inertial Module with 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyro-meter and 3 axis magnetometer
  • Integrated Environmental Noise Level Detection recognises when the motor, impeller or turbine is started
  • SMA Antenna Connectors allows you to move the RF and GPS antennas for best performance
  • Air Speed Sensor
  • Telemetry Output allows the use of the back channel to your primary RC system to transfer data to the ground via a secondary link
  • USB Connector for data transfer to your PC
  • Integrated IGC logger using 8GB solid state memory
  • Dual high accuracy pressure sensors for improved vario measurements
  • FHSS frequency hopping on 433Mhz so there are no frequency conflicts
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RC Electronics Raven Airborne GPS Transceiver, Clearance

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Product Information

The Raven is one component of the RC Electronics model aircraft telemetry system. The Raven is the onboard unit intended to be used with the Snipe Ground station. The Raven is designed to measure many parameters of an R/C model aircraft and transmit them to the Snipe ground station via the telemetry channel working on 433 MHz frequency. The unit is capable of measuring sink/climb rate (Vario), airspeed, altitude, orientation of the plane (pitch, roll and yaw), noise level, servo pulse on servo
inputs, GPS data with 18Hz refresh rate and supply voltage. For storage it has an internal 8Gb solid state storage which is presented as flash disk drive when the Raven unit is connected to PC via a mini USB connection.


Unit Dimensions
80 mm x 41 mm x 16 mm
57 grams (without GPS and RF antenna)
Temperature Range1
-10°C ~ +60°C
Input Voltage Range
4.0 – 18.0 volts DC
Input Current
80 milliamps
Measured Voltage
4.0 – 10.0 volts DC
Memory capacity
8 GB

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