Multiplex Motor Vector Control System, FunJet

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This Motor Vector Control System is compatible with the Multiplex FunJet

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Multiplex Motor Vector Control System, FunJet

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This supplementary system expands the aerobatic potential of your FunJet, enabling you to fly formerly unimaginable manoeuvres such as knife-edge passes, flat spins, hovering and torque-rolls. The vector control unit can be installed on any existing FunJet model in a matter of minutes. However, we do recommend its use primarily for the FunJet 1 (with tip-tanks) and the FunJet 2, since these models consist of lighter foam, allowing a lower all-up weight; this, in turn, produces better flying characteristics with the vector control unit. As a basic rule, the lower the FunJet’s flying weight, the better its flying qualities with the vector control unit. If you wish to exploit the full potential of the vector control unit we also recommend the use of the Multiplex Wingstabi or Wingstabi Easy Control stabilising systems.

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