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Horejsi LongShot 4 DL Glider, 1490mm Fibreglass ARF

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The Longshot 4 from Horejsi is a well-designed F3K glider that has been constructed from extruded polystyrene, fibreglass and carbon.

  • Carbon/Kevlar gondola
  • Reinforced pipe stiffness increased by about 50%
  • Extended gondola
  • Optimized tail (plus SOP), reinforced with carbon
  • Fast directional stabilization after start
  • Servos to the fuselage lower the moment of inertia
  • Higher damping rotation after starting

With the high-quality construction you would expect from Horejsi, the Longshot 4 Discus Launch Glider is underpinned by a carbon and Kevlar gondola and has a 1490mm wingspan. The wing and tail surfaces are constructed from extruded polystyrene, fibreglass and carbon. This Horejsi glider features reinforced pipe stiffness that has been increased by about 50%. The tail (and SOP) has been reinforced with carbon, giving you faster directional stabilisation after launch. The servos to the fuselage also lower the moment of inertia, allowing for higher damping rotation. The Longshot 4 is a great step-up from the UMX Whipit and builds upon Horejsi's reputation for quality gliders. Order yours now.

What you Need
  • Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX6 (SPM6700AU1)
  • Servos. We recommend 4 JR DS387HV servos (JRPS387HV)
  • Receiver. We recommend the Spektrum AR400 (SPMAR400)
  • Battery. We recommend the E-Flite 180mAh LiPo Battery (EFLB1802S20)
1490 mm
1130 mm
Set AG xx (Prof. Mark Drela)
Weight RFT
From 290 grams
Management Elements
4 servos: directional and height. rudder, aileron (+ brakes, buoyancy)
Level Ready To Fly
Reichard Models

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  • Flies great, instructions not easy to follow

    Review by Ray on 5/06/2015
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    Found the kit fairly difficult to build with relatively poor instructions (first aircraft of this type for me). Relied a lot on help from net posts plus a lot of care and common sense. Used recommended add-ons by Modelflight - JR DS387HV servos, Spectrum AR6260 receiver. Tight fit.
    But it does fly really well and the launch is impressive.
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