Flex Innovations Mamba 70cc RC Bi-Plane, ARF, Red, FPM1100B

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Bold and brave, the Flex Mamba 70cc aerobatic biplane is in a league of its own.


  • Finished in bright red trim scheme
  • 77.2 inch wingspan
  • Flying weight of just over 8kg
  • Raging 50cc to 70cc ignition
  • 4-8 channels, for greater flexibility
  • Lightweight, yet durable airframe
  • A strong balsa plywood body
  • Made for extreme 3D performance
  • Transport easily, with plug in upper and lower wings
  • Unparalleled precision with G10 control horns
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Flex Innovations Mamba 70cc RC Bi-Plane, ARF, Red, FPM1100B

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Product Information

Experience 3D flying like you never have before

With attention to aerodynamic and geometric detail like no other, the Flex Mamba lets you tackle any turn or trick your heart desires.

Its large wingspan and fiberglass wheel pants and new cowling gives you agility – and its precise aerobatics helps you always stay in control.

Added wing chord, new wing tips and ailerons

New features have been added to the Flex Mamba, including new cowling, additional wing chord and updated wing tips and ailerons.

Its main hatch and auxiliary forward hatch can be taken off easily, without tools! And there’s the option to add Shark Teeth Leading edge to reduce Wing Rock and gain control at lower speeds.

With years of F3A and 3D biplane experience, the designers of the Mamba offer features that are not only new to Flex Innovations, but are new to the market too.

Go crazy with the Flex Mamba

Take to the skies with the Flex Mamba – and show your competitors how it’s done.

As this is an Almost-Ready-To-Fly model, you will need a few things to get you up in the air. Refer to our 'What you need' section below. If you need any help with getting these accessories, talk to our friendly team of plane specialists.

Order your Flex Mamba 70cc aerobatic biplane today.

What you need

  • Flight Control System. We recommend the Aura 8 (FPMAURA)
  • Charger.
  • 6+ Channel Radio.
  • 6+ Channel Receiver and Rx batteries.
  • 50-70cc Engine.
  • Propeller.


77.2" (1961mm)
79.5" (2020mm)
18lb 8oz (8.41kg)
Wing Area:
2070 sq.in. (133.5 sq.dm.)
50cc to 70cc Ignition

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