TOP Model 440mm HV Electric Air Brakes Set

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These are the new generation HV Electric Air Brakes Set by TOP Model. These are LiPo compatible and connect directly to the receiver. 



  • Electrically driven
  • Proportional
  • More economic than their mechanical counterparts
  • Integrated locking system
  • Double metal blades
  • Sold in a pair
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TOP Model 440mm HV Electric Air Brakes Set

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Sensational! Electrically driven and connected directly to the receiver, they go in and out proportionally.

More economic than their mechanical counterparts where you add servos and extra hardware to make the linkages.

brzdící štíty

No more problems with the linkages and mechanical connections, and they finally close in a symmetrical way!

The motor and drive gears are directly integrated into the air-brake, so that it is no longer necessary to use an external servo with a complicated linkage.

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Includes an integrated locking system to prevent the air brake from being sucked open whilst in the closed position

No electricity consumption from the motor in locked position.

Double metal blades (red anodized) Schempp-Hirth type for optimal braking effect.

Delivered in pair (right and left).


Overall length
485mm approx.
12mm approx.
Heigth AB closed
16mm approx.
Heigth AB opened
46mm env
96g approx. (piece)
Blades length
Height (over plankage of the wing)
30mm max. approx.
Input voltage
Current draw and Speed @4.8V
0.15-0.20A and 1.2"
Current draw and Speed @6.0V
0.15-0.20A and 0.9"
Current draw and speed @7.4V
0.16-0.22A and 0.7"
Current draw and speed @8.4V
0.17-0.22A and 0.6"
Electrical motor pulse
Cord length
420mm approx. (UNI connector)

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