Seagull Models Gilmore Red Lion 81inch ARF, 50cc

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Step back in time to the thrilling era of early 1930s air racing with the Wedell Williams No.44, also known as the Gilmore Red Lion Racer. This iconic aircraft, made famous by Roscoe Turner's Gilmore Special, returns to life in the form of Seagull's Gilmore Red Lion 33cc model. This meticulously crafted 81" wingspan aircraft pays homage to a true classic of the racing circuit, with its distinctive red trim and Gilmore Oil Company logos.



  • Authentic Oracover covering for a polished look
  • Factory-painted fibreglass cowl with a detailed dummy radial engine
  • In-depth cockpit detailing, complete with a lightweight pilot figure
  • Easy top hatch access for radio gear and battery changes (electric power option)
  • Meticulously replicates the Gilmore Red Lion Racer's scale outline
  • Two-piece plug-in wing for effortless transport
  • Comprehensive hardware package, including an engine mount, fuel tank, and more
  • Electric motor stand-off included
  • Suitable for experienced pilots
  • Profiled fin and stabilizer for enhanced scale appearance and flight performance
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Seagull Models Gilmore Red Lion 81inch ARF, 50cc

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Product Information

Designed for 45-55cc gas or glow engines, as well as electric power options, this ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) model offers both convenience and authenticity. With a spacious top hatch, field maintenance and battery swaps become hassle-free. The two-piece plug-in wing ensures effortless transportation and storage.

What you need

  • Motor/ engine
  • ESC
  • Servos
  • Prop
  • Protective foam/ rubber (if powering with petrol)
  • Radio and receiver
  • Battery (+1 for ignition if required)
  • CA Glue
  • Epoxy
  • T-Pins


Wing Area
40 - 60cc (not included)
360 (6000 watt)
6 channels with 6 servos (not included)

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