Proline 1/7 Goodyear Nascar Truck Belted Tyres Mounted on 8 Spoke Wheels

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These 1/7 Goodyear NASCAR Truck F/R Belted Tyres MTD 17mm Black are compatible with the Arrma Limitless and Infraction 6S (ARA7615V2, ARA7615V2)

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Proline 1/7 Goodyear Nascar Truck Belted Tyres Mounted on 8 Spoke Wheels

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Let's go Racing! Introducing Pro-Line's first collaboration with NASCAR® & Goodyear®, bringing you scale replicas of the Goodyear® Eagle NASCAR® Truck Series racing tire for your Infraction™ 6S!

The Goodyear® Eagle NASCAR® Truck Series tire is BELTED to handle extreme power and high speeds with ease. No tire ballooning here! These slick tires and Cup Series wheel will give your Infraction™ 6S a super scale look featuring yellow printed sidewall lettering and black oval racing wheels, just like the NASCAR® Truck Series uses! Pair these wheels and tires with the #38 ARRMA® NASCAR® Truck Series Ford® F-150 body (ARA410018) to completely transform your ride into a Stock Truck racing machine!

This officially-licensed tire and wheel package is proudly manufactured and assembled at Pro-Line Headquarters in the USA!

Please note that the Goodyear® Eagle NASCAR® Truck Series tires have a maximum speed rating that, if exceeded, could result in permanently damaging the internal belt. For these tires that is 80 mph or about 6,800 RPM. Over-revving your tires could result in breaking the internal belt, which will NOT be covered under warranty. This can be caused by "diffing out" your tires or holding the throttle open while one, two, or three of your tires are stopped, which substantially increases the RPM sent to the free-spinning tire or tires.

Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted

PRO1023410 | Goodyear® Eagle NASCAR® Truck Series 42/100 BELTED Tires (2) Mounted Black 17mm Wheels (2) for Infraction™ 6S & Limitless™ Front or Rear



Product Height
3.94" (100 mm)
Wheel Hex Size
Wheel Position
Product Width
1.65" (42 mm)
Track Surface
Street / All-road
Tire Compound
Tire Type
Tire Tread
Goodyear Eagle NASCAR Truck Series 42/100
Package Type
Compound / Hardness
Quantity Option
2 in a package
Insert Material
Closed Cell
Vehicle Type
All-Road, On-Road