Precision Aerobatics Katana 60 ARF, Green

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Experience the epitome of precision aerobatics with the Katana 60 RC plane! Designed to cater to both beginner sport and seasoned pilots, it offers unparalleled aerobatic precision, a wide flight envelope, high-energy manoeuvres, and the well-known PA slow-speed 3D stability. It's a thrilling blend of innovation and performance.

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  • Unmatched aerobatic thrills with the fastest axial rolls and ultimate tumbles for an adrenaline-pumping flight experience
  • Incorporates feedback from flyers around the world, boasting a new aerodynamic design and custom-made airfoils for a wider flight envelope
  • Seamlessly transitions from forgiving sport flying to aggressive manoeuvres, catering to pilots of varying expertise levels
  • Powerful PA Thrust 60 RotorKool motor and PA Quantum 80 Evo ESC
  • Powered by two standard 2600mAh 11.1V packs or a single 6s 2600mAh, delivering six minutes of intense 3D flight
  • Pre-assembled using FiberFusion techniques, ensuring consistent performance and durability
  • Removable wing halves and a carbon fibre wing tube, provide durability as well as ease of transport
  • Crafted with fully airfoiled flight surfaces and sealed pre-hinged ailerons for superior aerodynamic flow and efficiency
  • Impeccable design, construction, and attention to detail, making it a true ARF model with 99% built for you
  • Online video build guide series, PA Builds, for quick setup within a few evenings
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Precision Aerobatics Katana 60 ARF, Green

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Product Information

Based on the Award-winning top-aerobat KMX this plane is the ULTIMATE KATANA!

The New Katana 60 will do it all, taking aerobatics to the next level! Buckle up your seats, this will be a wild ride.  Get ready for the ultimate tumbles, the fastest and most axial rolls you will ever see, combined with the precision the PA Katana is well known for. Expect to have the well-known PA slow-speed 3D stability but the widest flight envelope we ever imagined possible! This is the plane that will blow your socks off….

Based on feedback from thousands of flyers worldwide the new Katana 60 incorporates the best of Precision Aerobatics Katanas to date! Complete new aerodynamic design with new custom-made airfoils allowing for an even wider flight envelope -from slow 3d flying to aggressive high-energy tumbling to graceful precision.

This plane can be flown as sport plane for the beginner – (you’ll be amazed at how forgiving it is) or set up as an aggressive flying machine for the advanced pilot looking for energetic manoeuvres. 
 Powered by PA Thrust 60 RotorKool® equipped motor and PA Quantum 80 Evo ESC makes the Katana 60 extremely responsive providing absolute control, extreme performance and predictability, so you can get out of the most difficult situations with ease – and this builds confidence.

The Katana 60 is powered by two standard 2600mAh 11.1V packs (or a single 6s 2600mAh), this set-up allows for 6 minutes of safe intensive 3D flight. This iPAs package has proven to be the most powerful yet most economical and reliable setup possible. Best of all, you don’t even need to know how to select your ESC, motor or battery or even need to learn how to program your ESC. Everything is done for you and all that is required is just to plug and play.

The Katana 60 is pre-assembled by our skilled staff who are specifically trained in building models using FiberFusion® construction techniques. To attain uniform performance for each and every model manufactured, we produce the planes on highly sophisticated and accurate jigs. Each set of wings is individually matched to each fuselage (this is something most factories don’t do even in giant-scale production). We test and assemble each airframe before shipping to ensure wing incidence, alignment and fit.

FiberFusion® is not just throwing some carbon fibre into the construction or spraying areas in black (as seen in some other models on the market today). FiberFusion® aircraft construction is a sophisticated engineering method, pioneered and developed by Precision Aerobatics. Each variance of fibre used in our models is carefully selected and utilized in a unique way seen ONLY in Precision Aerobatics models, resulting in a much lighter yet stronger and more rigid aircraft that will fly like nothing else! Unlike some manufacturers, we DO NOT add carbon fibre for merely the sake of adding it – as a marketing hype. We do it specifically to achieve an incredibly low wing loading for exceptional flight performance and handling characteristics without sacrificing airframe structural integrity in the process.

Two wing halves are removable, making it easily transportable for a model of this size. The wings are joined together with a carbon fibre wing tube and carbon fibre sleeve, which makes the Katana 60 a compact and durable aircraft. All flight surfaces are fully airfoiled, and the ailerons are already pre-hinged with the gaps sealed. For maximum aerodynamics, the aileron design and construction in this model are exceptional, made in such a way that the hinge gap is completely sealed as part of the wing, similar to the full-size high-performance aerobatic planes. This is indeed quite complex to produce: the ailerons fit into the wing trailing edge tunnels, being glued and aligned in the factory. Despite the laborious production of this design we insist on producing the ailerons this way, as it ensures perfect aerodynamic flow over the airfoil, resulting in maximum efficiency of the control surfaces. To us, it is the aerodynamic performance that counts most.

Following PA tradition this model too gives the word QUALITY a whole new meaning. From the design through the construction, the hardware, level of finish, and attention to detail are second to none. Our Katana 60 is a TRUE ARF, 99% built for you in our factory. The brief assembly is a joy, and most modellers will have it set up in just a few evenings with the help of our online video build guide series, PA Builds.

What you need

  • PA Thrust 60 Revo 24 pole outrunner motor
  • PA Quantum Evo 80A ESC HV SBEC (6.0 / 7.4 / 8.0v)
  • One PA Gen2 LiPo 2600mAh 22.2V (6s) 30-60C (or two PA 3s 2,600mAh 11.1v)
  • Four NXT-200HV digital super-torque metal case and gears servo
  • VOX 16×7 wooden propeller
  • 2.17″ PA Carbon Fiber Spinner

Note: Vortex Generators and Carbon fibre spinner are not included in the kit

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