Powerline Micro 1020 3S F5J Turbo Glider Motor (Models up to 1800gm)

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The Powerline Micro 1020 F5J Turbo motor is ideally suited to modern F5J gliders.



  • 380 Watt power output
  • Less than 40A current draw
  • Suits 3S LiPO 1000 – 1300 mAh
  • Suits models 1400 – 1800 gm
  • Suits 16 x 8 RF propeller
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Powerline Micro 1020 3S F5J Turbo Glider Motor (Models up to 1800gm)

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Product Information

The brand new Powerline Micro 1020 F5J (turbo) motor is equipped with integrated, active engine cooling for serious competitive flying.

F5J gliders are nowadays built lighter and lighter, for competition often 1400 gm and less. But to be able to fly at more windspeed, the gliders are often equipped with ballast. This is where the powerful Powerline Micro 1020 F5J Turbo comes to fruition. This motor is designed for use in models of 1400-1800 gm flying weight.

Through a complete rework, Schambeck have been able to increase performance, extend runtime and increase efficiency.


91 g
68 mm
22 mm
Shaft Diameter
5 mm

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