Phoenix Model Ka8B 4.5m Glider, ARF, PHN-GL08

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The Ka8B from Schleicher is a single-seater from the 50s, which due to its robust construction is mainly used as a training aircraft for beginners. This faithful replica from Phoenix - with a wingspan of an impressive 4.50m - is manufactured using the latest laser-cut technologies as a light and high-strength wood construction, which inspires with an enormous level of detail.

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  • Extremely light and high-strength, laser-cut wooden construction
  • Two-part wings
  • Two-part fuselage
  • Detailed cockpit
  • Removable canopy
  • Prefabrication level of 95%, fully covered and painted
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Phoenix Model Ka8B 4.5m Glider, ARF, PHN-GL08

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Product Information

The model is made in extremely light and high-strength, laser-cut balsa wood construction. The design impresses with an enormously high degree of prefabrication, which means that the construction effort is almost reduced to the installation of drivers and electronics. The model is prepared for spoilers (EFL491009) and is also completely covered with top quality Ultracote.

The KA8B from Phoenix Model has numerous scale details. Many beautiful detailed solutions make the model look like the original. A special highlight is the detailed cockpit and the finished painted pilot figure. But the model is not only similar to its prototype on the ground but the KA8B also has an impressively true-to-life flight image in the air. The 4 piece wing and removeable tailplane make for easy transport. It can be fitted with an electric motor (around 2000 Watt) for self launching or it can be easily aero-towed behind a 50cc or larger tow plane.

There is an optional electric retract unit (PHN-R5245) that can be fitted to provide extra ground clearance when an electric motor is fitted to enable self launching. When the retract wheel is retracted up, it sits in the same position as the fixed wheel to exactly replicate the full size glider.

The model offers excellent soaring performance so long flight times are easily achieved.

What you need

  • Radio and receiver
  • 5 x servos for ailerons. flaps and rudder
  • 1 x servo if aerotow release is used
  • Motor
  • LiPo battery
  • ESC
  • Spinner
  • Propeller


4500mm (177 in)
2105mm (83 in)
Flying weight
6800gr – 7000gr
Wing area
Wing loading
Air Foil
HQ airfoils
2 electric flaps 440mm (not included)
Spinner size
Aluminum H hub propeller holder, shaft 8mm (not included)
brushless outrunner 1480W, 450 KV (not included)
Experience level
Plane type
RIMFIRE 1.20 (not included)
6cells X 2 (not included)
100A (not included)

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