OS Engines GF30 II Four Stroke Engine with F-6040 Silencer

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The GF30 II is THE power plant for models designed for 120-150 glow engines or 20cc gas engines. The realistic sound makes it ideal for scale aircraft — and aerobatic and sport models will benefit from its gasoline-sipping economy and impressive torque!

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  • New carburetor and pump
  • Traditional 4-stroke benefits with the ease and economy of gasoline power
  • Fits on the same beam mount as the GT22
  • Quick, powerful throttle response
  • Lightweight IG-07 ignition module accepts up to 2S LiPo power
  • PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) system recirculates blow-by gas and oil waste for a cleaner engine and environment
  • Perfect for scale, aerobatic and sport aircraft that require a 1.20-1.50 glow or 20 cc gasoline engine
  • Fits on the same beam mount as the GT22
  • Lightweight IG-07 ignition module for easy starts and maximum power at all rpm.
  • Cam- and crankshaft bearings for smoother operation and less wear
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OS Engines GF30 II Four Stroke Engine with F-6040 Silencer

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Product Information

The GF30, a 4-cycle 30cc gasoline engine that is the best match for the glow 4-cycle 120/150 class, which has many attractive ARF machines in its lineup, will be further refined and appear as the "GF30II". New design with improved ease of handling and stability, OS original, and gasoline exclusive 70T2 carburettor & pump system PD-09. The igniter IG-07 employs a new plug cap to improve the ease of plug removal and installation, increasing the degree of freedom in the mounting position direction. Equipped with F-6040 silencer with excellent sound / silence. Exhaust sound and quick response unique to the 4-stroke engine are recommended not only for scale machines but also for acro machines and sports machines. 


1.827 cu in (29.94 cc)
1.496 in (38.0 mm)
1.039 in (26.4 mm)
Practical RPM Range
2.8 ps/2.76 hp @ 9,000 rpm
Engine 990 g / Muffler 113 g / Ignition Module 95 g
Recommended props
16 x 10, 17 x 8, 17 x 10, 18 x 6W, 18 x 8

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