NEXT G2 composite 2 metre F5J EP Glider

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ETA May 9

The Next G2m is a fully moulded composite 2-metre 5-7 channel electric glider from the maker of the Euphoria and Simitri. Suitable for F5J or sport flying.



  • Fully moulded composite carbon fibre and fibreglass construction
  • Thin 7.1% airfoil
  • Lightweight, stiff construction
  • 4 -6 servo operation
  • 2 piece wing
  • Good access to the motor, radio, battery compartment
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NEXT G2 composite 2 metre F5J EP Glider

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Product Information

Made in the Ukraine, the Next G2M is a new lightweight, fully moulded electric glider for sport and competition flying. Now featuring flaps and ail;erons, rudder and elevator utilising 6 servos this model offers outstanding performance from a small package. The wings, stab and fin feature a foam core and composite skin construction which is both light weight and very stiff.

With its thin 7.1% section and plenty of dihedral, the NG2M will climb away in the smallest and weakest of thermals. The 2 piece wing and removable fin and stab make for easy transport and storage. The AU version of the NG2M is offered in a striking black, neon yellow and white colour scheme.

You will need a brushless motor of 200-250 watts, 30-32mm spinner, an ESC to suit the motor of 20-25A rating, a 2-3S LiPO, 4 servos of maximum thickness 11.5mm and a minimum 5 channel receiver.


1999 mm
1389 mm
Empty weight
320 gm
Wing area
special 7.1%
Control functions
ailerons, flaps, rudder, elevator