Multiplex Wireless LED Lighting Set

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With the POWER-MULTILight wireless lighting, you can illuminate almost any model in the easiest way. The three colours give you a position light that is used to indicate the position and direction of movement to avoid collisions. Since no complex cabling has to be carried out, retrofitting is absolutely no problem.

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Multiplex Wireless LED Lighting Set

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What's in the box?

  • 3 position lights, red, green, white

  • USB charging adapter and charging cable

  • 3 x Double-sided adhesive pads, transparent stickers, for less adhesive or rough surfaces as a base for the adhesive pads

  • 3 x language operating instructions


Dimensions per lamp
48mm x 15mm x 14mm
Weight per lamp
5.8 g
Battery type
1S LiPo, 85mAh Light
Duration (depending on the selected operating mode)
Red, approx: 1h 30min
Green, approx: 1h 45min
White, approx: 2h 15min