Multiplex ROXXY BL ESC 780 S-BEC

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This Multiplex ROXXY Brushless ESC is designed for surface and helicopter models.



  • Low-voltage cut-off for LiPo and NiXX batteries
  • Brake: ON or OFF
  • Motor reverse: ON or OFF
  • Motor cut-off type: motor power reduction or motor cut
  • Motor start behaviour: soft or standard
  • Timing: automatic or manual (7 degrees or 22 - 30 degrees)
  • Pulse frequency: 8 kHz or 16 kHz
  • Model type: fixed-wing or helicopter (governor mode)
  • With S-BEC= switching BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) receiver power supply from the flight battery, even with high cell-count packs and a large number of servos
  • Start-up safety system prevents the motor bursting into life when the flight battery is connected
  • Motor cut if major interference occurs or the radio signal fails
  • Automatic low voltage cut-off with re-start facility (Reset function) for LiPo and NiXX cells
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Multiplex ROXXY BL ESC 780 S-BEC

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Product Information

Designed for surface and helicopter models, this ROXXY® BL Control Controller features a high-performance BEC switch. Using the latest switching regulators, it can be powered from up to 6S LiPo cells as a drive battery. A separate receiver battery is eliminated. 

Extensive programming options allow the controller to be optimally adapted to the respective application


Max. Continuous Current:
80A (burst 90A)
Pulse Frequency
8 kHz or 16 kHz (adjustable)
Battery / Cell count
2-6S LiPo or 5-21 NiXX
Cell Count with S-BEC Disabled:
2-6S LiPo or 5-21 NiXX
S-BEC Voltage:
5.5 V
Max. S-BEC Current:
7.0 A (burst 10A)
Max. Number of Servos ***
10 x Standard*
6 x High Torque**
Dimensions (approx.):
89 x 37 x 13 mm
Weight incl. Leads:
93 g
Receiver Power supply:

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