Multiplex Lithium Battery Checker and Model Finder

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This is a Lithium Battery Checker and Model Finder from Multiplex.

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Multiplex Lithium Battery Checker and Model Finder

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Lithium battery tester + locator + low voltage warning

  • Battery tester

    It can display the voltage of each cell of the lithium polymer battery and indicates the remaining capacity of the battery as a percentage. In a matter of seconds, the LEDs on the side tell you whether the battery is full, half full or empty.

  • Locator/model finder

    The lithium battery checker uses the integrated sensor to detect whether the model is in motion or lying somewhere. After a 1 minute standstill, an acoustic signal can be emitted via the adjustable threshold so that you can find your model in high grass or away from the airfield.

  • Low voltage warning

    The Lithium Battery Checker can remain in flight in the model and gives an acoustic and visual warning when the set cell voltage threshold is reached (standard is 3.50 volts). When the model flies by, it can be easily recognized whether the battery will soon be empty.

With various display indicators, you can get a lot of information about the battery at a glance: total voltage, remaining capacity, cell drift and cell condition. Suitable for all lithium batteries.


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