Multiplex Extra 330LX RC Plane, Receiver Ready

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This is the Multiplex Extra 330LX RR, an incredibly strong and precise aerobatic model for experienced pilots. 



  • Strong laser-cut frame
  • Light carbon tube spars
  • Incredible strength for flying hard 3D and XA styles
  • High precision Hitec servos installed
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Multiplex Extra 330LX RC Plane, Receiver Ready

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Product Information

The 3D freestyle monster!

The Extra 330LX is the most uncompromising foam aerobatic model and is in no way inferior to its wooden brothers.
We didn't skimp on the design or the components. For example, the wings have stable and wrapped, light carbon tube spars and the fuselage has a lasered and weight-optimized M-frame.
As a result, the model achieves incredible strength and is predestined for hard 3D and XA flight style. Since the Extra can be controlled extremely precisely and flies very neutrally (no mixers are required), all classic aerobatic maneuvers can also be flown precisely and effortlessly. The Extra snaps into place with snaps or rolls and oscillates very little in the Harrier. This makes it easy to learn new characters or to internalize the controls.
The Extra 330LX is the first foam model in which we have installed the high-quality servos from the Hitec D series.
These are characterized by high precision (32bit resolution), high actuating force (4kg x cm) and the proven soft start. The drive was redesigned and a special, highly efficient propeller was developed specifically for the Extra. As you can see: only the highest quality RC components are used in the Extra 330LX. This guarantees you the best flight performance and puts a smile on your face every time you take off.
The Extra hangs very directly on the rudders, making it look very mature in the air.
The new Extra 330LX is the perfect training machine for advanced and pros who want to keep improving - or just want to escalate a lap on the dirt track.

What you need

  • Radio and Receiver (4+ channel)
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Glue


3S LiPo
Flight Time
5 Minutes
Control Surfaces
Elevator, Rudder, Aileron
Skill Level

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