Dualsky VR Pro 10A Linear Voltage Regulator

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High-tech and highly beneficial, the VR Pro regulator from Dualsky is an outstanding addition to your RC plane.


  • Able to support up to 6 digital servos
  • Input and output port allows for simple "plug-and-play" installation
  • Tri-colour input voltage monitor and low-voltage memory function
  • FSS-4 lightweight switch included
  • No interference and low ripple
  • Double MosFET output
  • Independent linear control IC
  • High output current capability
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Dualsky VR Pro 10A Linear Voltage Regulator

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Product Information

The VR Pro regulator from Dualsky will significantly optimise your RC plane. With the ability to support up to 6 digital servos, you will find that this regulator is a valuable addition to your model. The VR Pro has a miniature design with an input and output port allowing for a simple "plug-and-play" installation. Built into this regulator is a tri-colour input voltage monitor and low-voltage memory function. You will also receive an FSS-4 lightweight switch and heat sink. This regulator can support HV servos (7.4V) and the output voltage is switchable.

In terms of electronics, this linear regulator has no interference and low ripple. It offers double MosFET output, an independent linear control IC and high output current capability. The large heat sink in the VR Pro ensures good heat dissipation and high overload capacity. Dualsky have also included a built-in MCU to precisely control the FSS-4 and internal voltage. You will notice that the failsafe and low dropout design of this regulator ensures continuous operation and makes full use of the cell's capacity, especially on HV mode. This quality is maintained with Dualsky's SMT process and the use of high quality tantalum capacitors in the input and output ports.

This outstanding regulator has been factory-assembled and fully tested by Dualsky. Applicable in the largest of RC planes (such as 50cc gasoline models), you will be impressed with the benefits the Dualsky VR Pro will give you. Order this excellent regulator now.


Input Voltage
DC5.3V -8.4V, MAX10V (2S LiPo)
Output Voltage
5V, 6V, 7.4V (Switchable, Tolerance + 3%)
Output Current
DC 0-10A (Vin-Vout =1V)
Minimum Differential Voltage (V)
Power effect (%)
Voltage effect (%)
Output ripple (mV)
Size (L x W x H)
53 x 32 x 18mm
Weight (g)
30 (excluding accessories)