Castle Creations Replacement 8S Capacitor Pack, 1680UF, 011-0165-00

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This Capacitor Pack is compatible in all brushless motor applications ranging from 5V to 35V

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Castle Creations Replacement 8S Capacitor Pack, 1680UF, 011-0165-00

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Power Efficiency!

CC CapPack is useful in all brushless motor applications, where it serves to give just that little boost needed to overcome ripples in the battery voltage caused by hard acceleration or long battery wires. Ripple voltage is hard on an ESC - adding the CC CapPack can help reduce the load on the controller's on-board capacitors. This CapPack uses three 560µF, 35V capacitors totaling 1680µF, which increases its ripple reducing capabilities. It can be used with LiPo batteries up to 8 cells.

CC CapPack is highly recommended for all 500 class and smaller heli applications where Y harnesses and long wires can bleed voltage, and hard collective pulls can strain even the most powerful batteries.

Surface Vehicles:
With their high torque requirements – going from 0 to 100% throttle isn't easy on controllers or batteries - RC cars and trucks put enormous loads on brushless power systems. Use CC CapPacks in high performance applications (IE drag racing and high speed runs) to help your system power through the abuse.

Fixed Wing Aircraft:
Larger electric power systems lead to larger electric powered aircraft, and sometimes the distance between the battery pack and the ESC grows beyond the length of the wires installed on the components. Adding wire also adds inductance, which can increase the ripple voltage in a system. CC CapPack essentially negates the ripple caused by the addition of up to 12 inches of length to the battery wires.


Note: All Castle controllers with data logging capabilities can report the ripple voltage they encounter during use. Ripple voltage peaks should always be less than 10% of the total pack voltage; the smaller the ripple voltage the better. If an application exhibits more than 10% ripple voltage under peak loads, the user should consider using higher discharge (C Rating) batteries, shorter wires, higher current connectors, better gearing or a smaller load.

Multiple CapPacks may be used in an application. They should all be installed as close to the ESC as possible.


Size (LxWxH)
42.5 x 19.9 x 22.4mm
Voltage Range
5V - 35V
1680UF total