Castle Creations 1412-6400kv 4 Pole Sensored Brushless Motor, 060-0089-00

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Castle Creations is excited to introduce their latest offering to the drag racing scene. The new 1412-6400kv motor is a very high torque, high wattage, mid-RPM motor designed for 2s no prep Street Eliminator racing.

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Castle Creations 1412-6400kv 4 Pole Sensored Brushless Motor, 060-0089-00

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Castle went with a slightly different approach than current motors on the market. Most no prep motors are standard 540 size with very high kv (low turn). These motors rely on high RPM and low torque to push the car down the track (think turbo charged 4 cylinder). The 1412 is longer than most drag motors, which provides significantly more torque, acceleration, and cooler temps (think American Muscle). This results in a high horsepower, snappy, cool running motor. Your final drive ratio will need to be decreased (larger pinion/smaller spur) to get the RPMs up for top speed; due to the size of the motor it will take just about any gearing and CHEAT timing you can throw at it.

Castle beefed up the design over a standard 14xx series motor to handle the high demands of drag racing. It uses a 5mm output shaft, 12AWG battery wires and 6.5mm bullets. Due to the high power nature of this motor it is highly recommended to use a 1/8th scale size ESC or larger. The 1/8th Mamba Monster X and 1/6th scale Mamba Monster X 8s are great pairings with this motor.


Motor Type
RPM/Volt (Kv)
No Prep Drag Cars
Motor Size
Product Weight
9.98oz (283g)
Connector Type
6.5mm Bullet
Product Height
1.41" (36 mm)
Adjustable Timing
Shaft Diameter
0.197" (5 mm)
Shaft Length
0.82" (21 mm)
Number of Poles
Product Length
2.46" (62 mm)
Input Voltage
2S LiPo