Castle Creations 1007-8450kv 4 Pole Sensored Brushless Motor, 060-0105-00

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Castle Creations 1007-8450kv 4 Pole Sensored Brushless Motor.



  • Ideal for 1/16 and 1/14 scale vehicles running on 2S LiPo
  • Our improved 4-pole 12-slot design boasts exceptional efficiency and produces less heat
  • QUIETSENSE™ technology shields the sensors from magnetic field noise generated from the motor coils and keeps your motor and ESC in sync at all times. The use of a Flux Shield™ in conjunction with secondary Sense Magnets delivers even higher precision and more efficient startups
  • Our optimised design eliminates the need for mechanical timing adjustments. Our sensor alignment method delivers uniform timing and torque in both directions, automatically
  • Rebuildable design allows users to replace front-end bell/bearing assembly or rotor/shaft assembly
  • ROAR standard sensor port and labelled connections
  • Updated modern and sleek design; looks as cool as it performs
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Castle Creations 1007-8450kv 4 Pole Sensored Brushless Motor, 060-0105-00

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Input Voltage Range:
2s LiPo
Max. RPM:
Can Size:
Length: 50.3 mm
Diameter: 28 mm
Weight (w/wires):
4.05oz (114.8g)
Shaft Size:
Length: 15 mm
Diameter: 1/8"" (3.175 mm)
Mounting Hole Specifications:
M.5 @ 14mm & 16mm; M3 @ 19 mm
4mm male Castle Bullet Connectors attached to replaceable 16 gauge wire; includes 210mm length sensored wire
Items Needed for Operation:
Compatible Electronic Speed Control (ESC)
Application Guidelines:
Ideal for 1/16th and 1/14th scale vehicles weighing up to 2.75lbs.
Recommended ESC(s):
Mamba Micro X2
Running Modes:
SmartSense™ (with Castle Sensor capable ESC), Sensored and an ultra-efficient Sensorless mode.
Tech Notes:
Water Resistant Design: The sensor board is coated with silicone conformal coating to protect the sensors from moisture. The sensor connections are not water resistant; water can cause signal loss which could result in loss of sensored capabilities. Castle recommended applying dielectric grease to the outside of the sensor wire connections after installation of the wire. Routine maintenance is recommended after running in wet conditions. Please refer to this document for running and maintaining motors in wet environments.