Arrma Kraton 4X4 BLX 4S Speed Monster Truck RTR, Green, ARA4408V2T4

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ARRMA's KRATON 4S BLX RTR is the ideal size for any RC monster truck enthusiast with a brutal mix of strength and speed, powered by an updated brushless system by Spektrum. Two new colour choices with added dirt protection and a centre diff that provides superb grip make this a must-have basher of choice! 



Key improvements:

  • Increased traction from centre metal differential
  • Chassis updated to include hinge pin bracing, dirt train and centre diff module
  • Taller side guards, wishbone dirt guards and outdrive protectors
  • Spektrum S662 high torque metal-geared digital servo enclosed in alloy case
  • 120A cooler running Spektrum Firma V2 Smart ESC
  • Battery retention system has been improved and comes with wire clips

Additional proven features:

  • Completely assembled and finished so it's ready to run
  • SLT3 2.4GHz Spektrum transmitter and SR315 dual protocol receiver
  • 2400Kv brushless Spektrum Firma 3668 motor with ARRMA cooling fan and heatsink
  • All-metal EXB gear diffs
  • Front and rear EXB CVD driveshafts
  • Front and rear tracks are 45 cm wide for aggressive bashing
  • 54.7cm long chassis and 35.5cm wheelbase for handling stability
  • Maximum durability provided by centre support brace
  • Front and rear double wishbone suspension
  • Longer travel provided by high shock towers
  • Silicone O-ring equipped oil-filled aluminium shocks
  • Multi-spoke black toughened wheels
  • Red anodized, CNC machined 17mm wheel hubs
  • Adjustable ride height, turnbuckles and body mounts
  • Vented low-profile dBoots COPPERHEAD 2 LP muti-terrain tyres
  • Protective lower front and rear skid plates and front bumper
  • Rubber tyre fitted wheelie bar
  • Stone-clearing steering system
  • Rubber-shielded bearings throughout
  • Limited 2-year warranty – details available on website
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Arrma Kraton 4X4 BLX 4S Speed Monster Truck RTR, Green, ARA4408V2T4

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Product Information

The ARRMA KRATON 4S 1/10th scale BLX Speed Monster Truck has a fearsome truck body, huge tyres and a stable long wheelbase that sees it sit nicely between the nimble 3S BLX bashers and the imposing 6S BLX machines. The 4S BLX platform is a budget-conscious truck that enables you to utilise the ARRMA performance, speed and toughness to take your driving to the next level. This latest evolution of the 4S BLX comes fully factory-assembled and will have you blasting through the toughest terrain with ease! 

Maintenance advantages of the Kraton 4S BLX

One of the great aspects of the ARRMA KRATON 4S BLX Speed Monster Truck is the module system that makes maintenance and repairs a lot easier. There are separate and easily removable modules for the electronics, power system and differential components that allow you to perform simple and fast maintenance of your RC monster truck. An update has been made to the KRATON 4S BLX which means it can now accept a centre diff module that includes a dirt drain, hinge pin bracing and an aluminium-cased centre differential. Regardless of the surface conditions, you will enjoy ultimate traction without worrying about dirt or stones as there are wishbone dirt guards, taller side guards and outdrive protectors.  


Built tough: Enduring design for rigorous terrain

Further updates to proven ARRMA features include long oil-filled shocks, wide arms for plush suspension travel, high shock towers, EXtreme Bash (EXB) CVD front and rear driveshafts and steel diff gears to ensure the power delivery to your KRATON is constantly awesome! Where the high-quality rubber meets the road are the dBoots COPPERHEAD 2 LP tyres which have a chunky and aggressive tread pattern that is going to give you a solid grip on almost any surface. These vented tyres disperse water, so durability is improved, and they are mounted on 3.8-inch toughened MT black multi-spoke wheels with red-anodized CNC machined 17mm hubs. 

The truck body of your ARRMA KRATON 4S BLX Speed Monster Truck comes factory-finished in your choice of two new colour schemes – Red/Black and Green/Black – and has a rugged injection-moulded rear wing and a wheelie bar with rubber tyres to give you more stunt potential options. If your stunt driving gets a little out of hand, then the front and rear bumpers are there to protect against impact. 

Arrma RC Monster Truck

Ergonomic transmitter and seamless integration with Spektrum

The 4S-capable Spektrum brushless power system has been given the ARRMA treatment with some serious grunt under the hood. There is a super-efficient 2400Kv Spektrum Firma brushless motor that is paired with a cool running updated 120A Spektrum Firma Smart V2 waterproof ESC that includes EC5 compatible IC5 connectors. Given the rigours your ARRMA KRATON 4S BLX Speed Monster Truck will have to endure, the steering has been beefed up with a higher torque S662 Spektrum metal-geared servo that gives you even more precise high-speed manoeuvring options. 

The 3-channel SLT3 Spektrum 2.4GHz transmitter that comes with your ARRMA KRATON 4S BLX Speed Monster Truck has been ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue and is equipped with a foam wheel allowing you precision fingertip control. If you are a new RC driver or you're going to let your kids have a go you might want to use the throttle limiting function. This enables you to dial back the truck's power to 50% or 75% depending on your driving skills. Once you have your confidence up you can dial up the bashing magnitude by putting it up to 100%. There is a 3-channel SR315 Spektrum receiver included that is compatible with both SLT and DSMR protocols. This receiver will give you a fast response rate and outstanding transmitting range. With the Spektrum Dashboard app and in DSMR mode the receiver is also Smart telemetry compatible. As a Ready-To-Run monster, you just need to charge your battery and fit it to your ARRMA KRATON 4S BLX Speed Monster Truck and you are good to go! 

What's in the box?

  • ARRMA KRATON 4S BLX 4WD 1/10 Scale Speed Monster Truck RTR

  • Spektrum Firma 120A V2 Smart Waterproof* ESC

  • Spektrum Firma 3668 2400Kv Brushless Motor

  • Spektrum S662 Metal-Geared Waterproof* Digital Servo

  • Spektrum 2.4GHz SLT3 Transmitter & SR315 Receiver

  • (4) AA Batteries

  • Instruction Manual

*For details on waterproof standards, please refer to the instruction manuals.

What you need

  • 2 X 2S, 1 X 3S or 1 X 4S Hardcase LiPo Battery
  • Compatible Charger
  • LiPo Safe Charging Bag

Maximum Battery Dimensions: 156 x 51 x 48mm (6.14 x 2.01 x 1.89 in)

Minimum Battery Specs: 5000mAh 35C


Ball Bearings:
Rubber-shielded bearings
21.54 in (547mm)
17.72 in (450mm)
8.11 in (206mm)
9.26 lb (4.2 kg)
13.98 in (355mm)
Shock Type:
Aluminum, Oil-Filled, Coil-Over Springs
4WD, 3 Differentials
Tire Tread:
Motor Type:
Brushless - Sensorless
Motor Size:
3668 – 2400Kv
13T 0.8 Mod
Spur Gear:
57T 0.8 Mod

Product Manuals

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