AeroNaut Helixx 2840mm Electric Glider Kit

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The Aeronaut Helixx comes as a wooden construction kit and is an elegant 6-channel glider for relaxed flying on slopes and flat land. It can be built as either a non-powered glider or an electric powered glider.



  • Fully laser-cut wooden parts
  • GRP fuselage and canopy
  • 3D construction illustrations
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AeroNaut Helixx 2840mm Electric Glider Kit

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Product Information

The AeroNaut Helixx is an elegant 6-channel glider for relaxed flying on slopes and flats. It can be built in the version as a glider and as an electric glider. The GRP fuselage and the enclosed template for separating the fuselage nose offer both possibilities.

The wing is built in the tried-and-tested aero-naut manner in a frame, which enables safe positioning of all components and distortion-free construction. The wing is partially planked and, depending on the choice of covering material, offers attractive visual design options. The six large surfaces can be programmed as desired and allow different flight states to be set according to the pilot's taste. The 90° extended brake flaps are a reliable descent and landing aid; their effect can be further enhanced by combining them with the ailerons.

The energy consumption of the model is low. A 3S LiPo with a capacity of 2,200 mAh or more can be easily accommodated and enables several climbs with good starting altitudes for thermal searching.

Helixx is a model that is fun for model pilots of all ages and skill levels. Even the construction of the model with its precisely laser-cut components is a lot of fun and awakens the anticipation of beautiful flights in the evening thermals or in light winds on the slope.

What you need

  • Motor (35mm Diameter)
  • ESC
  • Battery (3S 2200mAh)
  • Prop and Spinner
  • Radio and Receiver (6+ Channel)
  • Servos (x8)
  • Charger
  • Glue


approx. 2840 mm
approx. 1300 mm
from approx. 1880g
Wing content
approx. 56 dm²
RC Functions
Elevator, Rudder, Motor, Ailerons, Brake flaps
Model Type

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