AeroNaut Helios 2545mm Electric Glider Kit

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The Aeronaut Helios is a chic light wind glider in conventional timber construction. The only deviation from this principle is the carbon fuselage tube. With its compact dimensions and two-piece wing, the model is easy to transport and can be mounted on the airfield in no time at all.



  • All laser-cut wooden parts
  • Carbon fuselage rod
  • Large decal sheet
  • 3D building instructions
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AeroNaut Helios 2545mm Electric Glider Kit

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Product Information

The wing is built in the tried-and-tested aero-naut manner in a slipway, which enables safe positioning of all components and distortion-free construction. The wing is partially planked and – depending on the choice of covering material – offers interesting visual design options. With the four large flaps, Helios can still be steered safely even at low speeds, and the flaps are a reliable descent and landing aid. Thanks to its low weight, the model's energy consumption is low. The large fuselage head also easily accommodates batteries with a larger capacity.

Helios is a model for connoisseurs – it starts with the construction of the model with its precisely laser-cut components and ends with relaxing flying in the evening thermals or in light winds on a slope.

What you need

  • Motor (28mm Diameter)
  • Servos (x6)
  • Radio and Receiver (6+ Channel)
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • ESC
  • Folding Props and Spinner Assembly


Wingspan [mm]
Length [mm]
Weight [g]
from 1100g
Wing capacity [dm²]
Wing loading [g/dm²]
RC Functions
Elevators, ailerons, rudders, brake flaps, motor

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