VQ Models

Vinh Quang, otherwise known as VQ, are the first company in Vietnam to manufacture model airplanes. For VQ, flying is more than just a business. It’s their passion.

Available in over 20 countries, two models have VQ a household name: the 40 and 60 size warbirds, and scale civilian. Constantly adding new features to take the experience to a whole new level, you can’t not have fun flying a VQ.

You’ll feel like you’re flying the real thing. The VQ DC-3 Rosinen Bombiner, for example. Flown in World War II and the airline industry, the Rosinen is one of the most significant transport aircrafts ever made… and you can fly it.

The Rosinen is in good company with dozens more RC planes.

It’s all blue skies at VQ… 

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