RC Electronics Eagle Micro Airborne GPS Unit

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The RC Electronics Eagle Micro Airborne GPS Unit is an onboard air-data measuring system for RC aircraft.



  • Comes with a JR cable 10cm long (female to female)
  • Integrated fast solid-state memory for up to 20h of logging
  • Latest pressure sensor for ultra-fast detection of climb/sink
  • Two pressure sensors for altitude and Vario measuring
  • 3 axes accelerometer
  • Enl - Environment noise level detection to detect working electric, impeller or jet motor.
  • 18 Hz GPS working with GNSS, Glonass and prepared for Galileo global positioning satellites.
  • Various telemetry protocols supported over one of servo inputs (JetiEx, PowerBox System, Hott ...)
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RC Electronics Eagle Micro Airborne GPS Unit

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Product Information

The “Eagle” is one component of RC Electronics model aircraft telemetry system. The unit is designed to measure many parameters of an RC model aircraft and transmit them to the ground via the primary system telemetry backlink. The unit is capable of measuring sink/climb rate (Vario), altitude, acceleration of the plane in all axes, noise level, servo pulse on servo input, GPS data with 18Hz refresh rate and supply voltage. For storage, it has internal fast solid-state storage which will record up to 20hrs of flying.

It has a built-in GPS antenna, one pressure port (Pte – total energy compensated pressure from TEK probe) and a multi-colour LED to show the status of the unit. It also has 3 connectors. The micro USB is used for future updates, settings and flight log downloads. The 4-pin connector is prepared for future use (extended bus). JR 3-pin servo input is used to measure normal PWM servo pulse or to transmit 3rd party telemetry protocol on it (depending on the unit setting). The unit gets power from the USB or JR connector. 

Telemetry output
Connect to back-channel of your primary RC system and transfer all the data from Eagle to the ground via secondary link. Note that the Eagle unit does not have any RF capability. You must use the Telemetry back channel functionality of your radio system. Jeti EX, Powerbox System, Graupner HOTT for example.


Unit Dimensions
47 mm x 22 mm x 16 mm
17 grams
Temperature Range
-10°C ~ +60°C
Input Voltage Range
4.0 – 12.0 volts DC
Input Current
80 milliamps @ 8V DC
Measured Voltage
4.0 – 12.0 volts DC
Memory capacity
Up to 20h of flying

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