Proline 1/24 Brass Internal Bead-Loc Rings, 2pcs

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These 1/24 Brass Internal Bead-Loc Rings F/R are compatible with any 1.0" Pro-Line or Axial wheels 

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Proline 1/24 Brass Internal Bead-Loc Rings, 2pcs

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This is a pair of Brass Internal Bead-Loc Rings for 1.0" Wheels. These little rings are major heavyweights! Pro-Line's 1.0" Brass Internal Bead-Loc Rings are CNC machined from Brass to give your SCX-24™ or other mini-crawler the lowest possible center of gravity.

Each internal ring weighs in at 17g, compared to under 1g for the stock plastic rings. This means you can add 68g of unsprung weight for a full set of 4, which greatly reduces the number of backward tip-overs when scaling steep inclines. They also enhance the suspension articulation action through rough terrain and off-camber side hilling: just watch as your tires fall into each gap, making it easier to grab traction!

The brass rings are easy to install into your Pro-Line wheels with only 3 screws per wheel. Just swap out the plastic ring for brass and re-assemble!

PRO281800 | Brass Internal Bead-Loc Rings (2) for Pro-Line 1.0" Wheels