OS Engines Max-12TG Version 5 .12 Nitro On-Road Engine

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As OS's long-selling model, the 1/10 touring car engine "MAX-12TG" series is loved by many users. A long-selling engine that has been supported by a wide range of people, from beginners to intermediate riders and veterans who participate in touring car races, has now been updated with various parts and is now available as MAX-12TG Ver. V (Version Five).

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  • New outer head features an extra fin added on the bottom for cooling advantage and low gravity
  • Holes are added on the outer head to reduce weight for performance advantage
  • Changing the crankshaft timing and refining the carburettor for improved idling
  • Redesigning the combustion chamber in the inner head to improve combustion efficiency and increase mid-end torque
  • Standard accessories
  • Glow plug T-P4
  • Exhaust seal ring 1 piece OS SPEED Dust cap set φ3 (1 piece), φ16 (2 pieces)
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OS Engines Max-12TG Version 5 .12 Nitro On-Road Engine

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Product Information

The OS Engines MAX-12TG Ver. 5 is the fifth generation of MAX-12TG, which was developed with the catchphrase "Just the right power". While following user requests and trends regarding the OS, they have pursued ease of use and better performance with each successive generation, and this engine is now in its fifth generation. This time, MAX-12TG Ver. 5 has been improved in various parts in order to demonstrate excellent power even in regulated race scenes.

The first major change in appearance is the addition of one cooling fin to the bottom of the outer head. This improves engine cooling performance and enables stable performance. Also, by increasing the lightweight holes in the fins, the weight increase due to adding one fin is reduced. Furthermore, the head has a new laser design, making you aware that it is "Ver. 5".

Another point that cannot be overlooked is the improved idling performance due to changes in crankshaft timing and improved carburettor. Furthermore, the shape of the combustion chamber in the inner head has been changed to improve combustion efficiency and increase torque in the mid-speed range. The engine has evolved into one that combines ease of driving and strength.

The MAX-12TG was designed to be used by many people regardless of skill or experience, from beginners who are making their touring car debut with this Ver. 5, to users who want to participate in races and achieve good results.


Stroke volume:
2.1 cc (0.128 cu.in)
13.8mm (0.543 in)
14.0mm (0.551 in)
0.9 / 30,000 rpm (0.89hp / 30,000rpm)
Practical rotation speed:
5,000-32,000 rpm
216g (7.62 oz)