Jeti Model Duplex DS12 Multimode Transmitter Only, Red, JDEX-TDS12-MMR

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Jeti is proud to launch the brand new Jeti DS-12 2.4GHz/900MHz Dual Band radio system. This transmitter features dual-band, dual redundant frequency hopping and is fully designed and manufactured by Jeti Model in the Czech Republic. With 12 channels, mini USB port, built-in speaker, headset jack, plastic transmitter gimbals with Hall sensors (4096 step resolution) and 4 ball bearings for precision movement, a large 320×240 colour, backlight display and many other features the Jeti DS-12s are sure to become the new standard in transmitter performance. The software takes many influences from other Jeti Radios like the DS-16 and DS-24.

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  • Dual-Band 2.4GHz & 900MHz, dual redundant with three (3) integrated antennas
  • Integrated Microphone - Create custom voice announcements
  • Voice Commands - Setup voice activated telemetry announcements
  • Brand new, high contrast, full color 320x240 backlight LCD display
  • Built-In Accelerometers & Gyros - Trigger any voice announcement or assign any function
  • Future Proof Hardware – Ready for optional WiFi or Bluetooth plug-in modules
  • State-of-the-art, upgradable firmware which gives you full freedom and complete control
  • Solid plastic, impact resistant transmitter case with fully integrated antennas and oversized LCD display
  • Mini USB port for firmware upgrades and PC download of telemetry data
  • Integrated speaker and a 3.5mm headset jack. You can play back music and create custom voice alarms. Options are virtually unlimited
  • Built-in, logical switches that lets you program a complex string of control events with the simple flip of a switch
  • 9-point, programmable curve mixes for all 16 (Upgradable from 8) digital proportional channels
  • You can set up not just dual, but triple rates
  • Pre-programmed servo setups for nearly every type of wing, tail and swashplate imaginable
  • Unlimited use of the onboard 8GB SD card memory
  • Fully integrated logical switch functions. If you need to drop bombs only if your throttle is at 50% and bay doors are open, with this system you can. Your programming/mixing options are virtually unlimited
  • Fully integrated digital telemetry. View, process and store all your telemetry data and even wirelessly program any of the Duplex EX sensors
  • Create, manage and program all alarms. Enhance safety for both yourself and your model. Monitor your temperature, speed, battery voltage, receiver battery capacity and much more
  • All switches and channels are completely moveable and assignable. Want to move throttle to the right knob or switch several functions to just one stick? With the Jeti radio system, yes you can. Basically, you can program any stick, dial, switch or slider to generate any output you choose
  • Up to 10 programmable timers. You can easily set a timer for your overall flight time, a model memory timer for the motor run of a specific model, and any number of countdown/stopwatch timers that can be activated any number of ways
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Jeti Model Duplex DS12 Multimode Transmitter Only, Red, JDEX-TDS12-MMR

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Product Information

Telemetry Features you expect from Jeti

Simple Altitude telemetry sensor just works, find out your altitude, air pressure or temperature. Simple Plug & Play solution.

Easily monitor your Motor & Battery

Stop guessing your flight time. Jeti lets you know exactly your used battery capacity (mAh), battery voltage (V) and how many Amp is your motor/propeller pulling. No longer you have to deal with damaged batteries or burned out motors

Simple Plug & Play solution

Jeti Variometer measures atmospheric pressure and using the obtained data it calculates the altitude above sea level and the rate of climb and descent. The sensor also alerts you if any alarm setting is exceeded.

The acoustic signal consists of 4 different tones (steps) for climbing and the same amount of steps for descending. The step width can be adjusted by the user. The climb signal consists of short interrupted tones, the descent signal consists of long permanent tones.

Monitor and record the quality of your RF Link

The DS-12 transmitter allows you to customize your screen and immediately see how your RF link is performing. You can see A1 & A2 antenna strength in a scale from 0-9 and Signal Quality as a direct percentage. This allows you to set up custom telemetry alarms to alert you if there is a drop in your RF link.

Every Jeti receiver provides receiver voltage battery monitoring and live downlink. This allows you to set up custom telemetry alarms that will alert you if there is a drop in your Rx battery.

Change your Background and Profile Images

Customize every screen and play with any background. Jeti allows you to upload any image and even customize the location on your screen of your transmitter.

See when your Receivers or Sensors are connected

Go to the Device Explorer menu in your transmitter and you can see if your Receiver is connected right on the Transmitter screen. Check marks show what devices are online and accessible.

Setup Servo Fail-Safe Positions Wirelessly from Transmitter

Every Jeti receiver provides a direct link for wireless programming. Log in to the receiver using the.

Device Explorer in your transmitter menu and setup servo Fail-Safe positions directly using the Tx screen. No need to keep rebinding receivers or to keep them in accessible locations like with other systems.

Assign Functions Wirelessly from Transmitter

Every Jeti receiver provides a direct link for wireless programming. Log in to the receiver using.

Device Explorer in the transmitter menu and assign your servos to any receiver output pin that you choose. Bad Rx location or short servo extensions are no longer a problem with the Jeti system.

The Jeti  DS-12 offers the ability to setup features based upon the requirements of each individual customer. The transmitter is available in a basic configuration that will meet the needs of most users for most model types. For individual additional settings of the transmitter there is a configurator available at swshop.jetimodel.com. After the simple registration of your transmitter it is possible to select additional features based upon your individual demands. Alternately, you can order the radio with 3 different software upgrades pre-installed. Basic (J-DS12-SW-B), Medium (J-DS12-SW-M) or Full (J-DS12-SW-F). These pre-installed upgrades come at a discounted price compared to buying the individual features from the Jeti Shop.


No. of Channels
194 x 215 x 55mm
8 (Up to 12 extendable)
2.4GHz RF module:
900MHz backup system:
Colour TFT:
3.5 inches, 320x240 pixels
Sticks with hall sensors:
Resolution sticks:
4096 steps
Internal memory:
SD card, 8GB
Free mixers:
5 (Up to 20 exte)
3 (Up to 20 erweiterbar)
Visible values on display:
10 (up to 40 extendable)
Voice output for functions:
5 (up to 20 extendable)
10 (up to 40 extendable)
Channels for gyro axes:
1 (up to 3 extendable)
Flight modes:
3 (up to 6 extendable)
Flight mode trimming:
DITEX telemetry values:
Lua extensions:
max. 10
MP3 player:

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