Installing Flaps Into the ParkZone Stinson

First introduced in 1938, the Stinson SR-10 is as much a work of art as a work of engineering. The combination of its graceful lines and unique wing shape give you the sense it's reaching for the sky even when it's parked on the ramp. Park Zone has expertly modeled this aviation classic to give you a civilian scale experience unlike anything else. This plane comes out of the box loaded with scale details like an authentic paint scheme and markings, molded ribbing in the wings, a simulated radial engine, accurately modeled landing gear and much more. You also have the option of adding flaps. Did you hear that? Adding flaps is where it's at. This is where I come in and show you exactly what it takes and in a very short time how you can bring the flaps to life on your Stinson RC Plane. In just a few simple steps you will have your flaps operating and ready for the next day at the field. So click the link and watch what you need to do to add the next dimension of flying to your Stinson Reliant airplane from Park Zone.